Full Form of SOS

Full Form of SOS is ‘Save Our Ship’ Or ‘Save Our Soul’. It is an International Morse code Signal which specifies that a person is in danger and needs help to get out of danger.

Let’s try to understand the history in very simple language. First let us understand what is Morse code? Morse code is a method of transmitting information as a series of on-off tones, lights or clicks that can be easily understood by a listener without the need of special equipment. Each Morse code symbol represents either a letter, numeral or a pro-sign and is represented by a unique sequence of dots and dashes.

In Morse code terminology, 3 dots (…) means the letter ‘S’, and 3 dash (—) means letter ‘O’. It means SOS signal is represented as “… — — — …”. Since these symbols are very easy to transmit, it therefore became common to refer to the distress signal as “SOS”. It was first adopted by German government on April 1, 1905 in radio regulations and later it became the worldwide standard.

SOS is now used in many fields like telecommunication, aircraft etc. As a mobile user you would have seen an option called as ‘SOS message’ in your mobile which is meant for sending emergency message and this SOS message can be sent even when your mobile is locked. Now since you have understood the history of SOS, next time wherever you will see SOS written anywhere, you will be able to co-relate it to this article.

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