Full Form of PDF

Full Form of PDF is Portable Document Format. PDF is a proprietary file format.

PDF documents are represented in a manner which is independent of an application software, hardware, and operating systems. PDF is developed by Adobe Systems which was first released in 1993 to view document as an electronic image that can be printed or forwarded to someone else. Now a days, PDF file are used for documents such as magazine articles, product brochures or flyers by many big websites. To view these documents you need to install PDF reader software on your system.

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What is the full form of PDF?
Expand full name of PDF.
What does PDF stand for?
Is PDF acronym or abbreviation?

Some other Full Forms of PDF
PDF = Package Definition File
PDF = Payroll Discrepancy Form
PDF = Pair Distribution Function
PDF = Pocket Dosimeter Fema
PDF = Pcad Database Interchange Format
PDF = Programmable Data Formatter
PDF = Panamanian Defense Force
PDF = Playa del Fuego
PDF = Program Data Form
PDF = Probability Density Function
PDF = Pakistan Development Forum
PDF = Planetary Defence Force

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