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Full Form of RIP in English is Rest in Peace and in Latin Full Form of RIP is Requiescat in pace. It is used as an expression of peace and eternal rest to someone who has died. This phrase is commonly found on the graves of people and also used in social networking media to wish someone eternal rest who has died.

Linguistic roots of this phrase are in Latin and it has very rich history. Many people think that this phrase has been emerged from modern media that is incorrect.

The origins of this phrase can be traced from early Christian practices. In early days, the phrase dormit in pace, which literally translates into “he sleeps in peace” could be found on the tombstones of Christians starting from the 8th century.

The phrase has religious relevance, as it supposedly implies that the purpose has died peacefully as a Christian and united with the Christ in his afterlife. Many Christians followed this tradition and have engraved the phrase RIP on their tombstones ever since then. There are even some evidences that indicate that the phrase can be traced back from 1st century BC, particularly from the tomb of Bet Shearim.

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