Full Form of OTP

Full Form of OTP is One Time Password. OTP is a password which is valid for only one login session or transaction and automatically becomes invalid after it is entered once.

OTP is a unique security code which is generated through a validation network. OTP offers an additional level of security to users for strong authentication. The most important advantage that is addressed by OTP is that, in contrast to static passwords, they are not vulnerable to replay attacks. This means that if a hacker manages to obtain your OTP which you have already used, he will not be to abuse it because it will no longer be valid after you have used once. A second major advantage of OTP is that a user who uses the same (or similar) password for multiple systems is not made vulnerable on all of them if any one of the password is hacked by an attacker. A number of OTP systems also aim to ensure that a session cannot easily be intercepted or impersonated without knowledge of unpredictable data created during the previous session, thus reducing the attack surface further.

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Some other Full Forms of OTP
OTP = Out of Turn Priority
OTP = One Time Pad
OTP = On The Premises
OTP = One Time Programming
OTP = Off Topic Post
OTP = Over-Temperature Protection
OTP = On The Phone
OTP = One Time Programmable
OTP = Ought To Pass
OTP = Opposite Track Path
OTP = Off The Path
OTP = One True Pairing
OTP = On The Prowl
OTP = Outside The Perimeter
OTP = Outline Test Plan
OTP = Operational Test Plan
OTP = One Tree Point
OTP = Olympic Trial Participant
OTP = Optional Term Policy
OTP = One Time Passcode
OTP = Out of Toilet Paper
OTP = Open Telecommunications Platform
OTP = Out To Practice

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