Full Form of MLA

Full Form of MLA is Member of Legislative Assembly. Member of Legislative Assembly is a representative of legislative assembly (a lower house of state legislature), elected by the voters of a constituency. In India, each state has 4 to 9 MLAs for every Member of Parliament (MP) that it has in the Lok Sabha. MLAs have different responsibility according to their positions. Some MLAs have more than one responsibility. An MLA can be a cabinet minister and CM as well.

Responsibilities of MLA:
MLA should make the optimum use of local area development (LAD) fund to develop his constituency.
An MLA represents the people’s grievances and aspirations and take them with state government.
MLA should use the several legislative tools for the benefits of his constituency’s members.
MLA should raise the local issues of his constituency in front of state government.

Criteria for becoming MLA:
The candidate must be an Indian citizen.
He must have completed at least the age of 25 years.
He must be a voter of any constituency.
He should not be a mad or insolvent.

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Some other Full Forms of MLA:
MLA = Master of Landscape Architecture
MLA = Monitoring Logging Agent
MLA = Multilateral Lending Agency
MLA = Mercury Laser Altimeter Space Science
MLA = Monochrome Lens Assembly
MLA = Magnetic Linear Accelerator
MLA = Market Level Adjustment
MLA = Major League Arc
MLA = Mission Load Allowance
Military Legislative Assistant

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