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Full form of MBBS is Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. In latin it is called as ‘Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae’. These are two professional degrees in medicine and surgery but don’t get confused by two degrees. Though by looking at the full form you may think that these are two different degrees but they are put together and usually treated as one degree. This degree is awarded upon graduation from medical school in medicine and surgery by universities in many countries. In some countries equivalent degree is Doctor of Medicine (MD). Also, in countries this degree is awarded after completion of undergraduate course which lasts for five to six years.

In general, the countries which follow United Kingdom (UK) tradition MBBS degree is awarded and the countries which follow United States (US) tradition MD degree is awarded. India follows UK tradition and hence MBBS degree is awarded in India after completion of graduation from medical school. Students in India can apply for MBBS degree after they pass their 12th Standard exam.

Some of the other countries which follow UK tradition and hence students gets MBBS degree includes Singapore, Australia, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Iran, Malaysia, Kenya, UAE and there are many other countries.

Once you get MBBS or its equivalent degree, you are called as Doctor and you prefix ‘Dr’ title before your name.

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