Full Form of ISI

Full Form of ISI is Indian Standards Institute. ISI is a certification mark for industrial products in India.

It is most recognised and popular certification mark in the Indian subcontinent. In India now ISI is known as BIS. BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standards. It checks the quality and standard of every product and provides them certification mark. TO sell many products, In India it is mandatory to certify and get ISI mark. Some of the products where ISI is mandatory are like electrical appliances, electric motors, wiring cables, heaters, kitchen appliances etc and some other products like portland cement, LPG valves, LPG cylinders, automotive tyres etc. But in the case of most other products it is optional.

There are many products with unreal ISI marks in market. They use ISI marks on the product without actually getting certified. So, you must be very careful to choose the products. Fake ISI marks don’t carry the mandatory 7 digit license number required by BIS. On top of the original ISI mark there is an ISI number which signifies the number of the Indian standard for the particular product but generally fake products will not have that. This is a punishable offence by the law, but the practice is uncommon.

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What is full Form of ISI?
By what name ISI is now known?
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Some other Full Forms of ISI
ISI = Inter-Service Intelligence
ISI = Indian Statistical Institute

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