Full Form of ETC

Full Form of ETC is Et Cetera.

ETC word is is taken from the Latin expression which means “and the rest (of such things)”. It is a calque of the Greek, where Et means “and”; cetera means “the rest”.

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What is full Form of ETC?
From which language ETC word is taken?

Some other Full Forms of ETC
ETC = Electronic Toll Collection
ETC = Educate The Children
ETC = Eligible Telecommunications Carrier
ETC = Export Trading Company
ETC = Erosion Technology and Concentration
ETC = Estimated Time of Completion
ETC = Environmental Tectonics Corporation
ETC = Employee Transportation Coordinator
ETC = Electrothermal Chemical
ETC = Enhanced Throughput Cellular
ETC = Estimated Time to Completion
ETC = Educational Training Center
ETC = Educational Technology Consortium
ETC = Experience The Creativity
ETC = Experimental Theater Club
ETC = East Texas Central Railroad
ETC = Enhanced Terminal Capability
ETC = Everything That Controls
ETC = Earthquake Test Center
ETC = Early Thirties Crime
ETC = Excellence Training For Clericals
ETC = Education, Traditions, and Celebrations
ETC = Evangelism Training Conference
ETC = Executive Transaction Coordinators

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