Full Form of CPU

Full Form of CPU is Central Processing Unit. Central Processing Unit is a complete computation engine that is fabricated on a single chip. It is the brain of a computer system which performs all the basic arithmetical and logical operations. CPU has to be inserted in the CPU socket which located on the motherboard. The processor needs to have its compatible motherboard, else it will not work.

CPU has 3 main components, they are:
(i) Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) – ALU is responsible for performing all the arithmetic and logical operations.
(ii) Control Unit (CU) – CU is the one which instructs the complete computer system to carry out a particular task.
(iii) Registers – Registers are special kind of memory devices that hold data which need to be processed or is already processed by the processor.

The prime procedure of mainly CPUs, although of the substance figure they obtain, is to implement a sequence of store instructions so as to called a program. The instructions to be perform are reserved in a figure of sort of computer memory. almost all CPUs pursue the obtain, decode and perform ladder in their procedure, which are together known as the training cycle.

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