Full Form of CBI

Full Form of CBI is Central Bureau of Investigation. Central Bureau of Investigation is a government agency of India that looks into the security and investigation of any type of crime in India.

It works on ‘unusual’ cases as directed by Government of India or by respective courts, when they find that the case needs a much more detailed investigation. Headquarter of Central Bureau of Investigation is at New Delhi. It is headed by a Director, an IPS Officer. All the other officers of CBI, including Superintendent of Police, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Sub-Inspector and Constables work under him. CBI investigates all types of crimes in India and sometimes outside India also. It handles the cases of Financial frauds also. Cases that remains unsolved by Police department of any state are also solved by CBI.

Some other Full Forms of CBI:
CBI = Central Bank of India
CBI = Central Bank of Iran
CBI = Central Bank of Iraq
CBI = Central Bureau of Investigation
CBI = Computer Based Instruction

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