Full Form of NRI

Full Form of NRI is Non-Resident Indian. NRI are Indian people living in other countries.

A person who stays away from the country (India) for work, residence or any other purpose for more than 182 days in a calendar year is termed as “Non-Resident Indian”. A NRI will hold the passport of India and possesses the citizenship of India. Apart from this, NRI is also used to represent a person who is an Indian origin but born outside India. This often includes Indian born individuals who have taken the citizenship of other countries.

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Some other Full Forms of NRI:
NRI = Nomura Research Institute
NRI = Nanoelectronics Research Initiative
NRI = Networked Readiness Index
NRI = Network Resource Identifier
NRI = Nanosystem Research Institute
NRI = Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor
NRI = Nonrecurring Investment
NRI = Net Radio Interface

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