Full Form of MD

Full Form of MD is Doctor of Medicine. MD is taken from the Latin word “Medicinae Doctor” which means “Teacher of Doctor of Medicine. MD degree is awarded for physician and doctor, granted by medical colleges. MD is the highest academic degree in the field of Medicine. The MBBS degree holders earn this degree to get distinction in the field of medicine and surgery.

MD is a research degree in India which is equivalent to Ph.D. Doctors who have completed MD can easily find suitable jobs in both private and public sector. Doctors who have MD degree can apply for jobs in government sector. UPSC is conducting many exams for recruiting these doctors in various government organizations etc. In India, Doctors get a lot of respect and money. It is a very respectful and soul satisfying job.

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What is full form of MD?
What is the difference between MD and DM?
What is the full form of MD in medical science?
What is the meaning of MD?
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Some other Full Forms of MD
MD = Managing Director
MD = Machine Dependent
MD = Media Division
MD = Master of Disguise
MD = Metaphysical Doctor
MD = Mental Disorder
MD = Marketing Director
MD = Multi Degree
MD = Music Director
MD = Master’s Degree

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