Full Form of MBA

The full form of MBA is Master of Business Administration. MBA is a post-graduate degree in business administration that helps students to make their career in business management.

They become experts in managing businesses in all forms – whether it is a small family business or a big company. Now a days, there is a great demand for MBA professional in multi-national companies. It is must to have a graduation degree if you want to take admission in MBA course. It generally takes two years to complete MBA education. Some colleges offer customized MBA programs.

In India, you can fine different kind of MBA courses offered by many collages. Some MBA courses are full time and some are part time according the requirement.

– Full time MBA or Two year MBA:
– Part Time MBA:
– Executive MBA:
– Full Time Executive MBA:
– Distance Learning MBA:
– Mini MBA:
– Modular MBA:
– MBA Dual Degree:

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Some other Full Forms of MBA:
MBA = Media Bloggers Association
MBA = Mississauga Baseball Association
MBA = Mobile Body Awareness
MBA = Metropolitan Basketball Association
MBA = Mortgage Bankers Association
MBA = Mombasa International Airport
MBA = Message Body Authenticator
MBA = Main Battle Area
MBA = MAHOBA Indian Railway Station
MBA = Message Board Arrogance
MBA = Married But Available
MBA = Me Before Anyone
MBA = Massive Bank Account
MBA = Mean Binary Accuracy
MBA = Microsoft Business Associate
MBA = Mombasa Airport Code
MBA = Milford Basketball Association

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