Full Form of LLB

Full Form of LLB is Bachelor of Laws. The proper abbreviations of LLB (full form of LLB) is Legum Baccalaureus which is a Latin word. Because LLB word is plural, the abbreviation is created by doubling the first letter and as a result you have the two Ls.

LLB is basically an undergraduate degree offered by various universities across the globe to students who wish to have a career in legal profession. Students may opt for a 3 year LLB course or an integrated 5 year course. LLB degree teaches the concepts, procedures and reasoning according to the particular country’s legal system in which students are pursuing their education. After completing a bachelor degree, a graduate may opt for a Masters degree in Law ie. LLM (Masters of Laws). A Law Career is a smart choice if someone has passion for the subject and the skills required for the same.

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