Full Form of DMA

Full Form of DMA is Direct Memory Access.

DMA is a technique for transferring data from main memory to a device without passing it through the CPU (Central Processing Unit). Computers that have DMA channels can transfer data to and from devices much more quickly than computers without a DMA channel can.

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What is full Form of DMA?
DMA is what kind of technique?
How can data be transferred with DMA technique?

Some other Full Forms of DMA
DMA = Decision Making and Appeals
DMA = Day Moving Average
DMA = Defence Mapping Agency
DMA = Differential Mobility Analyzer
DMA = Direct Memory Addressing
DMA = Doesn’t Mean Anything
DMA = Dance Masters of America
DMA = Digital Media Auditing
DMA = Delaware Military Academy
DMA = Design Media Arts
DMA = Distributed Media Application
DMA = Display Memory At
DMA = Dominant Marketing Area
DMA = Department of Medical Assistance
DMA = Data Mining Algorithm
DMA = District Meter Area
DMA = Deceptive Marketing Associates
DMA = Design for Manufacturability and Assembly
DMA = Detection Mechanism Assembly
DMA = Designated Marketing Areas
DMA = District Metered Area
DMA = Division of Medical Assistance
DMA = Direct Market Access
DMA = Direct Marketing Analysis
DMA = Database Marketing Agency
DMA = Digital Media Arts
DMA = Don’t Mention Age
DMA = Distant Monitor Access
DMA = Distributed Mathematics Assessment
DMA = Daily Morning Activity
DMA = Drive Motor Assembly
DMA = Demographic Merchant Analysis
DMA = Direct Marketing associates
DMA = Disney Movies Anywhere
DMA = Database Machine Administrator
DMA = Dead Man Anchor
DMA = Defence Media Activity
DMA = Department of Marine Administration

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