Full Form of DDT

Full Form of DDT is Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloro Ethane. DDT is used as insecticide that was first synthesized in 1874. DDT is a highly hydrophobic colorless solid with a weak chemical odor which is insoluble in water but solves well in most organic solvents, oils and fat.

DDT was initially used by the military in second world war to control malaria, typhus, body lice and bubonic plague. Farmers uses DDT on various variety of food crops.

D.D.T was considered as a boon for several reasons:
It is insoluble in water hence it did not get washed out due to rains.
It is persistent, once you apply it there is no need to apply it again.
It is affordable and easy to apply.

D.D.T is banned by many countries as it has been discovered that it leads to number of side effects on humans. Crops sprayed with D.D.T are consumed by humans that have resulted in breast cancer, decreased fertility, diabetes and abnormal children.

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