Full Form of B.Tech

Full Form of B.Tech is Bachelor of Technology. Bachelor of technology is undergraduate degree program awarded in many countries like India, USA, Norway, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. It is also spelled as BTech.

Basically, we can say that B-Tech is an engineering course of 4 years in India divided in 8 semesters. Top Institute who awards Bachelor of Technology Degree:-
IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai, NITs,State universities & Other private universities etc. All engineering institute and university who awards Bachelor of Technology degree is approved by AICTE.

Eligibility for admission in B.Tech is 12 Standard or HSC.

In B-tech course candidate can choose any of branch given below:
Computer Science
Electrical & Communication Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Material Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Agriculture and Food Engineering

Government (Central and State) conducts an entrance test to take admission in engineering colleges. Some private colleges also conduct their own entrance tests. After Bachelor of Technology, candidate can take admission in M.Tech or ME or can apply for job in government as well as private sector.

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